Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Multiple Intelligences Personal & Professional uses

These informations are taken from "The Learning Revolution" Book. I am looking forward for the latest edition of this book as well. It is one of the best book and it is a MUST READ. If you're interested with the informations about multiple intelligences in this entry, and really want to know more about buying "The Learning Revolution" book, you're recommended to visit the site:


Voice Of The Dragon

Of every 100 children, at least two can be classified as outstandingly high in intellectual, creative or social ability. Giftedness knows not creed, colour or class.

The gifted learn quickly. As infants, gifted children pass the early milestones rapidly, talking early and learning to read before starting school. They have a thirst for knowledge of unusual subjects, and ask questions with insatiable curiosity.

These children are tomorrow’s leaders, scientists, artists, musicians and managing directors; their potential represents
a national asset we cannot waste. We should take action to ensure that these national assets are identified and developed.

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